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Healthpoint is proud to work alongside its partners in Abu Dhabi and the international community to elevate the standard of healthcare in the emirate as well as to provide our patients with world-class services.

Healthcare Partners

Wooridul Spine Centre

Healthpoint’s specialist spine care services are provided by the Wooridul Spine Centre and are dedicated to the treatment of spinal injuries and chronic back pain. Wooridul Spine Centre is a partnership between Mubadala Health and South Korea's Wooridul Spine Hospital, world-leaders in minimally invasive spine surgery techniques. Its goal is to bring cutting-edge spinal care to the United Arab Emirates and wider GCC, to address the region's high prevalence of spinal problems and to reduce the need for patients to travel abroad for specialized treatment. 

Mubadala Health Partners

Healthpoint is proud to be part of an integrated network of healthcare entities which can support in providing patients with holistic care. As part of this, Healthpoint has teamed up with Imperial College London Diabetes Centre (ICLDC) to raise the bar for obesity and metabolic surgery in diabetic patients. This combination of specializations address the complex needs of people with diabetes. Other collaborative services between ICLDC and Healthpoint such as antenatal treatment for those with gestational diabetes and also thyroid issues are already in place. We also work with the National Reference Laboratory, part of the Mubadala Health network, which provides laboratory services for Healthpoint onsite at the hospital’s campus.

Strategic Partners

Fatima College for Health Sciences

Healthpoint signed a strategic partnership for effective cooperation with the Fatima College of Health Sciences (FCHS), a subsidiary of the Institute of Applied Technology. The partnership launches an apprenticeship training program for medical students. Powered by Healthpoint, the program serves to meet the United Arab Emirates’ growing need for skilled healthcare professionals and falls within Healthpoint’s continuous efforts to provide exceptional and personalized healthcare to address the needs of the community.

Sports Partners

Abu Dhabi Sports Council

Healthpoint signed a strategic partnership with the Abu Dhabi Sports Council (ADSC), making the hospital its official healthcare partner. The partnership empowers employees and their families with the necessary tools and guidance to maintain a healthy lifestyle, through a bespoke wellness program. ADSC staff has access to Healthpoint’s team of public health experts, nutritionists, physicians, and world-class facilities, to help address injury prevention, physical rehabilitation, live coaching, and provide the very best care for athletes, coaches and staff.

Manchester City Football Club

Healthpoint is the regional healthcare partner in the UAE of five-time Premier League winners Manchester City FC. The partnership allows both organizations to work together to share best practices for treating athletes and other patients suffering from sports injuries throughout the UAE. Through this collaboration, medical staff from both organizations work together to discuss new treatment options and technologies with the objective of reaching better patient outcomes. Healthpoint also works with City Football Schools sponsoring events to encourage young children to play football in a bid to keep them active. Through the partnership, Healthpoint and City Football Schools offer a program aimed at young children called Healthy Lifestyles whereby children follow healthy activities (through their food intake, physical activity and overall lifestyle) as inspired by top athletes at Manchester City FC.

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    We partner with a number of health insurers to offer healthcare coverage for our patients.

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    Conveniently located in Abu Dhabi Zayed Sports City, Healthpoint is easily accessible and can be reached by public transport or car.

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    We are committed to providing five-star service to our patients.

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