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Insurance Partners

We partner with a number of health insurers to offer healthcare coverage for our patients. To check if your insurance plan covers treatment and services at Healhtpoint, you can speak with your insurer directly or with one of our front office staff by calling 800 77.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • What Insurance Policies are Accepted at Healthpoint?

      Currently, Healthpoint is contracted with the following insurance companies: 

      • ADNIC Platinum 
      • Al Dhafra Insurance 
        • Platinum/Comprehensive 
        • SEHA Plus Network 
      • Almadallah 
        • General Network 
        • Category A, B, C and VIP 
      • Axa 
        • Axa 1 
        • Star Plus 
        • VVIP 
      • Daman 
        • Premier/SG 
        • Enhanced Platinum/SG Global 
        • Enhanced Gold 
        • SG International 
        • Enhanced Silver/SG Regional 
        • Exclusive 1 WW 
        • Exclusive 1 WW exc US CAN 
        • Comprehensive 2 WW 
        • HC Comprehensive 2 
        • Comprehensive 3 
        • HC Comprehensive 3 Pinnacle 
        • HC Comprehensive 3 Peak 
        • HC Comprehensive 3 Prime 
        • HC Comprehensive 3 
        • HC Al Aman 3 Prime 
        • HC Al Aman 3 / Al Aman 2 
        • Standard 2 AW Asia 2 
        • Standard 3 Asia 1 
        • Standard 3 
        • ADNOC Group of Networks 
      • Health360 
        • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)  
      • IRIS Health Services 
        • Titanium & Gold Network 
      • MedNet 
        • Gold Cards only - Including Orient 
      • MSH International 
        • All Platinum Cards are accepted 
      • NAS 
        • Comprehensive Network (CN) 
        • Enhanced Network (EN) 
        • Al Dhafra 
      • Nextcare 
        • GN PLUS 
        • VVIP 
        • ORIENT Insurance P.J.S.C. 
        • ALLIANZ - Comprehensive & Standard Network) 
      • Neuron: AECOM Middle East; Comprehensive: 
        • DEWA (Dubai Electricity & Water Authority) 
        • Dubai World 
        • EMARAT 
        • Empower Energy Solutions 
        • Government of Dubai (ENAYA scheme) 
        • The New India Assurance Company Ltd (NIA) 
        • Emirates Insurance Company (Hanse Merkur) 
        • Emirates Insurance Company (AVIVA) 
        • Global Health Insurance (National Takaful Company-Watania) 
        • Qatar Insurance Co (QIC) 
        • National General Insurance (NGI) 
        • Noor Takaful 
        • Noor Takaful (Dar Al Takaful) 
        • Qatar Insurance Co (Dar Al Takaful) 
        • Dubai Insurance Company (William Russell Limited) 
        • Morgan Price (Watania takaful co. psc ) 
        • RAK Insurance 
        • IMG 
        • Islamic Arab Insurance Company (SALAMA) 
        • Salama Islamic Arab Insurance Co. (Dar Al Takaful) 
        • ADNIC 
        • Dar Al Takaful 
        • CIGNA 
        • Al Ain Ahlia Insurance Co. (PSC) 
        • AETNA/Al Ain Ahlia Insurance Co. (PSC) 
        • SAADA 
      • Oman 
        • Comprehensive Network 
        • Comprehensive Plus, Premium & OIC/BUPA 
        • Standard Network 
        • Elite Network 
      • Thiqa 
        • Category 1, 2, 3 and 4 
      • Wapmed 
        • Interglobal-Wapmed cards 
        • Aetna-Warba-Wapmed cards 
        • Comprehensive Plus 
        • AETNA-WAPMED (IHP & AHA-Gold Plan) 

      We continue to add new insurance companies for our patients’ convenience, so please check with your insurance provider or contact our call center at 800203 to see if your insurance is accepted at Healthpoint. 

    • Is Self-Pay Possible At Healthpoint?

      Yes, it is possible. Please contact 800203 for more information. 

    • Am I Covered For Vaccinations At Healthpoint?

      Generally, routine vaccinations are not covered by insurance. When coverage is available, it is usually on a reimbursement basis – i.e., the patient pays Healthpoint and can request reimbursement thereafter. Please contact your insurance provider for more information.

    • Am I Covered For Dental Services At Healthpoint?

      Thiqa covers dental consultations and routine dental treatments without pre-approval; this does not include orthodontic treatments and other specialized services that require approval. Other plans cover specified dental services conditional upon prior approval. Please contact your insurance provider for more information.

    • Am I Covered For Laser Treatment At Healthpoint?

      Laser treatment is not covered if it is for cosmetic or rejuvenation purposes.

    • Am I Covered For Employment Screenings/Medical Fitness Tests At Healthpoint?

      In general, medical fitness tests and occupational screenings are not covered by insurance. Please ask your new employer if reimbursement is possible and please contact your insurance provider to verify the details of your plan regarding these screenings.

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    We partner with a number of health insurers to offer healthcare coverage for our patients.

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