Sleep Medicine

Healthpoint sleep center’s multidisciplinary team of sleep experts, include physicians, surgeons, dentists, psychologists & qualified sleep therapists.

Our multidisciplinary team is highly qualified and trained to diagnose the full spectrum of sleep disorders including breathing and neurological related conditions with fully integrated therapy line as per the up-to-date universal guidelines.

Conditions we treat include:

  • Insomnia - being unable to fall asleep and stay asleep. This is the most common sleep disorder
  • Sleep apnea - a breathing disorder in which you stop breathing for 10 seconds or more during sleep
  • Restless leg syndrome (RLS) - a tingling or prickly sensation in your legs, along with a powerful urge to move them
  • Hypersomnia - being unable to stay awake during the day. This includes narcolepsy, which causes extreme daytime sleepiness
  • Circadian rhythm disorders - problems with the sleep-wake cycle. They make you unable to sleep and wake at the right times
  • Parasomnia - acting in unusual ways while falling asleep, sleeping, or waking from sleep, such as walking, talking, or eating

Healthpoint team of sleep experts will do a comprehensive evaluation including a full night sleep study at the sleep medicine center, where you naturally sleep in a hotel room like environment for your comfort. In the sleep study, different parameters are recorded simultaneously by surface electrodes for 6 to 8 hours as per your sleep schedule. After the recording, sleep experts analyse the data to assess the quality of sleep and abnormal findings as per the latest guidelines in order to diagnose the condition appropriately and prescribe the best treatment option for each individual patient.

At the Sleep Medicine Center, state of the art technology, including mobile and stationary testing equipment, is employed to conform patient comfort while testing and reliable interpretation as per the validation studies.

Diagnostic and therapeutic testing procedures that we conduct at the Sleep Medicine Center as required:

  • Overnight Polysomnography
  • Overnight Polysomnography CPAP Titration
  • Overnight Polysomnography BPAP Titration
  • Overnight Polysomnography BPAP ST Titration
  • Overnight Polysomnography ASV Titration
  • Drug Induced Sleep Endoscopy with Polysomnography-3D evaluation of the upper airway to provide a personalized assessment and management
  • Multiple Sleep Latency Test-Diagnosis
  • Multiple Sleep Latency Test-Efficacy of pharmacological treatment for hypersomnolence conditions
  • Maintenance Wakefulness Test-Response to therapy and medicolegal
  • Actigraphy
  • PAP Clinic follow up program to download and interpret the data from the therapy device

Treatment Options:

  • Positive Airway Pressure Therapy  (CPAP, BPAP, AVAP, APAP, ASV)
  • Weight reduction surgery
  • Positional Therapy
  • Mandibular Advancement Devices
  • Somnoplasty
  • Light Therapy
  • Pharmacological
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

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