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Frequently Asked Questions

    • How do I request an appointment?

      Requesting an appointment with any of our specialists is easy. Just call our contact center at 80077 or visit: https://www.healthpoint.ae/en/book-appointment to request your appointment or to know our timings.

    • What are the clinical services available at the hospital?

      What are the clinical services available at the hospital? 

      Healthpoint currently offers: 

      • Anesthesia 
      • Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery 
      • Cardiology 
      • Dentistry 
      • Dermatology 
      • Diagnostic Imaging 
      • Digestive Diseases 
      • Ear, Nose and Throat 
      • Family Medicine 
      • General Practice 
      • General Surgery 
      • Orthopedics & Sports Medicine 
      • Pain Management 
      • Pediatrics 
      • Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation 
      • Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery 
      • Podiatry 
      • Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine 
      • Rheumatology 
      • Spine Care 
      • Urology & Endourology 
      • Wound Care 
    • What are the Specialty Centers at Healthpoint?

      Healthpoint is a premium hospital with three specialty centers: The Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery Centre, which also includes Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery, Psychology, Nutrition, Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine; the Dentistry Clinic - one of the largest dental clinics in the UAE and Musculoskeletal, encompassing Wooridul Spine Centre, Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, Podiatry, Rheumatology, Pain Management and Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation. Each center works in integrated practice units with supporting services, which means the hospital provides the full care cycle – inpatient, outpatient and rehabilitative to deliver best-in-class, patient-centric care approach and world-class hospital experience. 

    • Is Healthpoint a government / public hospital?

      Yes, we are.

    • How is Healthpoint’s approach different than other hospitals?

      How is Healthpoint’s approach different than other hospitals?

      In line with the Abu Dhabi Vision 2030, Healthpoint aims to provide the highest quality of care while using the latest state-of-the-art technology. Healthpoint offers a specialized, integrated, and coordinated care model that brings together teams of physicians and specialists to address complex medical conditions. This innovative and efficient model minimizes a patient's need to seek multiple opinions from physicians and specialists, resulting in a highly patient-centric and multi-disciplinary approach to diagnosis, treatment and disease management.

      By incorporating specific specialties into one convenient location, Healthpoint aims to serve the UAE community by reducing the need for patients to travel overseas to seek care and treatment. Healthpoint accepts medical visits including preventative care, diagnosis and treatment, to post-operation follow-ups.

    • What is Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation and why is it important?

      JCI is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality and safety of patient care around the world. Healthpoint received the Gold Seal of Approval® from the JCI; meeting JCI’s demanding standards means that we deliver the highest quality and ‘patient- safe’ care and reaffirms our commitment to world-class healthcare to serve the UAE community. 

    • Does Healthpoint accept Thiqa insurance?

      Healthpoint is a public hospital, which means patients with Thiqa insurance are covered for all Thiqa insurance accepted services.

    • What nationalities are Healthpoint’s physicians?

      We employ physicians and staff from countries all around the world, across both clinical and non-clinical roles at Healthpoint. We have Emiratis in clinical and non-clinical roles, from executive leadership through to clinical positions and administration level.

    • What are the admitting procedures and patient guidelines?

      On admission, you will be welcomed by our friendly staff who will guide you (or your companion) on the important procedures concerning your stay (if self-pay, our staff will inform you also of the billing process). You will also be informed of your rights as a patient, privacy rules, specialists services, visiting procedures and other relevant information.

    • What are the food services options?

      At Healthpoint, we strive to provide our patients the best nutrition possible as recommended by their doctors during their stay. As an inpatient you will receive a menu card of halal meals every day for you to choose your meals for the day. You can also inform our friendly staff should you have other requests or special dietary requirements. Our kitchen is open from 08:00 am to 03:00 pm and can be reached at 02 4929785.

      Outpatient’s needs are catered for by The Hummingbird Restaurant, an executive-style dining lounge on the ground level of the hospital, featuring freshly prepared, healthy and tasty international cuisine. Patients and guests can also enjoy Starbucks coffee and a variety of baked goods at Deli Marche in the clinic reception area, close to the pharmacy.

    • What should I do with my valuables?

      The facilities of Healthpoint are safe and secure. Should you have valuables like money, jewelry, credit cards that cannot be sent home, you can keep these items in the cabinet in your room. Alternatively, you can also inform our coordinator who can discuss options on how to keep your valuables safe. Healthpoint cannot be responsible for valuables you choose to keep in your room or on your person.

    • What are the amenities and conveniences for patients?

      What are the amenities and conveniences for patients?

      Within our premises, you will find a Starbucks coffee shop, gourmet dining experiences, complimentary valet parking, complimentary Wi-Fi internet connection, plus many more.

      Patient rooms: As Healthpoint is a state-of-the-art hospital, our patient rooms are modern, spacious and designed to make your stay comfortable and convenient. There are different types of suites that offer maximum comfort for those needing to stay overnight with us.

      Instructions will be provided to you on how to operate your bed and where to find your call light. Most items you need in your room will be provided and should you require items like extra bedding, pillow or even a kettle, just speak to your nurse.

      Language services: As our hospital is multi-national, we have colleagues who speak many languages to help explain things for you if required.

      Pharmacy: We have a large outpatient pharmacy which is located on the ground floor of the clinic building and is open from Sundays to Thursdays, 08:00am to 08:00 pm.

      Parking/Valet: For the convenience of both visitors and patients, parking and valet service are available at the hospital.

      Prayer Rooms: Prayer rooms are available on the ground floor of the hospital building for the convenience of our patients, visitors and employees.

      Guest services: Guest services officers at the clinic and hospital reception desks will guide and escort guests with disabilities and special needs to their appointments.

    • Do you allow smoking in the hospital?

      The hospital is completely smoke-free in line with Government laws. There are no smoking facilities available anywhere on the campus.

    • Is my insurance valid at Healthpoint?

      We strive to bring excellent healthcare to all. We accept Thiqa patients and many other insurance types, as well as self-pay patients. Please call our Call Center at 80077 or visit our insurance page to determine if your insurance is accepted.

    • What if I have questions about insurance coverage or individual bill when admitted?

      Healthpoint accepts most insurance to ensure efficient delivery of care. There may be a few that are not listed with us and we suggest that our patients or their families verify with our guest services on their type of insurance. Representatives from our billing department are also on hand to answer any queries you might have in your bill in the event that you are admitted.

      If you do not have insurance and are self-pay: A representative of the billing department will discuss financial arrangements with you. You will also receive several bills for your stay to keep you updated. The bill will reflect all of the services you received during your stay and you will get a separate one from your attending physician and/or specialists who may consult on your care. If you have certain special tests or treatments in the hospital, you also may receive bills for those services.

      If you have health insurance: Most health services are covered by insurance. In the event that your insurance does not cover a particular service, our coordinator or billing representative will discuss the matter with you.

    • What do I need to know when I leave the hospital?

      Your doctor will issue you a discharge order once you are cleared and deemed fit to leave. The coordinator or your attending nurse will also provide you with additional instructions about your discharge as well as your home care if necessary.

      For bills, you or your companion will be asked to visit the billing department to settle any other payments not covered by your insurance.

    • Who do I call with a complaint or concern?

      We understand that sometimes things can be frustrating, particularly if you are already suffering from a medical condition. At Healthpoint, we strive to deliver excellent service to help alleviate what you’re going through. If at times you still feel your needs were not met, please feel free to contact our patient services team at 80077. You can also ask to speak to a manager when you are on site or email us at info@healthpoint.ae

    • How is my medical information protected?

      We respect your privacy thus all patient records are confidential and only accessible internally to deliver the best treatment possible. Healthpoint is governed by strict privacy policy and will not in any way or occasion, sell, trade or reveal your data to any party outside our institution.

    • Care
      • To be informed about the care and services of the healthcare organization and how to access these services.
      • To know the name, role and qualifications of your physician.
      • To have your questions answered promptly.
      • To be provided with an Arabic / English interpreter when necessary.
      • To a second opinion or to transfer your care to another physician, if you wish.
      • To refuse treatment except as otherwise provided by law.
      • To be free from restraint and seclusion which are not medically necessary.
    • Respect
      • You have the right to receive considerate, respectful and compassionate care in a safe setting regardless of your age, gender, race, national origin, religion or disabilities.
      • To know that your medical record is kept confidential at all times and you have the right to access it.
      • You have the right to a chaperone when in consultation with a doctor of the opposite sex.
    • Information

      To have information about your diagnosis, choices, risks and benefits of treatment so you can assist in developing your plan of care, including the management of pain. 

      • To be informed of the risks, benefits and alternatives of transferring to another facility when deemed medically necessary.
      • To give general consent for treatment and have general scope and limits of this consent explained.
      • To receive, on request and prior to treatment, a reasonable estimate of charges for medical care and, on request, an itemized bill with charges explained.
      • To be informed of clinic policies and practices that relate to your care, treatment and services.
      • To be informed of available resources for resolving disputes, grievances, conflicts and ethical issues.
      • To consent or decline to participate in clinical research, investigations or trials.
    • Patient Responsibilities

      To provide correct and complete information about your past and current medical history. 

      • To bring your current medications with you so that they may be reviewed.
      • To report changes in your condition and report any concerns in your care.
      • To follow the treatment plan recommended by the healthcare team and to ask questions when you do not understand information or instructions regarding this plan.
      • To accept responsibility for your actions if you refuse treatment or do not follow the health care provider’s instructions.
      • To give at least 24 hours notice if you cannot attend your appointment.
      • To arrive on time for your scheduled appointments. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late, we may reschedule your appointment.
      • To bring your patient card with you each time.
      • To pay for services rendered promptly.
      • To adhere to the clinic rules and regulations and accept that these are for patients and visitors well being.
      • To be courteous to staff and show respect and consideration for others. 

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